About Us

Yoomecco.com started as an idea in 2008. A simple idea to be able to put your favorite characters onto a life sized pillow so you can carry it around and hug them when you want. We want to create and sell stuff that would appeal to the thousands of anime lovers out there!

We are a factory, wholesale of authentic High Quality Japanese dakimakura. We also have our own online shop which sell directly to retail customers, hence we ensure quality and customer service.

Our products have been manufacturing for independent clients and Japanese OEM suppliers for over 9 years from a wholesale/bulk perspective and began eCommerce selling. Lastly, another segment of our customers are those who have commissioned designers to draw them a specific character or artwork and have asked us to make a custom pillow cover for them. We have producing quality products for over the past 9 years for both retail and business clients. The fabric is imported from Osaka, and we have been commissioned as a company to produce large orders of dakimakura prints for the anime studios.

We found that it was actually pretty hard to find a place nearby to be able to purchase Dakimakura or ("anime pillows") in your nearby street and we want to bridge this gap by providing one of the biggest collection of anime characters on premium quality covers.

We are also super hard working people and with a great team, we have been able to fulfill the growing demand that has been received by customers all over the world!